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About Me

I got my first camera in elementary school. And for about 3 months, I was constantly taking photos and recording everything around me. That’s because I was always passionate about one thing at a time. Legos, skateboarding, drawing, computer nerd stuff, acting, film-making, and guitar—they each had their exciting turn for my attention. But what has kept coming back is this excitement for visual creation.

Throughout middle school, I was sure I wanted to become a film director. I made video shorts and artistic photography, and my family, teachers, and friends encouraged me along that path. I was always talking about “visual storytelling” in film. So when I was 15 and began shooting weddings, I kept hearing these warnings that doing so would limit my creativity. But after four years and dozens of weddings, I find that creative, visual storytelling is not just for Hollywood. In fact, the more I hear the unique beauty of each couple’s story, the more passionate I am to create a visual depiction of their love.


Shangri-La Projects Award for Talent to Watch

Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest - 2017

Scholastic Film & Animation Award

Memphis - 2017

Scholastic American Visions Award (National Award)

National- 2017

Scholastic Gold Medal (National Award)

National - 2017

12x Scholastic Gold Keys

Memphis - 2017-2020